置き塩 一対 だるま 緑白


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【サイズ 約(cm)】
だるま部分:高さ4.5 幅4.7 奥行4.7
敷き皿部分:高さ1.5 幅6.2 奥行6.2
全体サイズ:高さ5.3 幅6.2 奥行6.2

【重量 約】


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    • Shikoku

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      • Kagawa ¥0
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      • Kochi ¥0
    • Kyushu

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This item is new and simple Green Daruma's pile of salt. Daruma is made of cypress. You can get both of green and white. Place it in the place you want to purify, such as the front door of your house, living room, toilet, or desk. The "mark of fortune" Daruma will remove the evil and bring happiness to you.

The Daruma is a symbol that stands up without suffering and does her best. Add the attached salt (natural crude salt) and wait for good fortune. It is a 3-piece set of Daruma, a plate, and salt so that you can decorate it as soon as it arrives.

Coloring is hand-painted one by one. The surface of the plate is matted to give it a moist and calm texture. Since the parts other than the colored parts are not painted, you can feel the warmth of the wood and the original "smooth" feel of cypress.

As for the salt, we have attached the "purifying salt" that was given a prayer at the shrine. These are prayed from the priest for the blessing of God. If you carefully pour "purifying salt" with all your heart, the vessel and the place will be sacred. It is not necessary to change the salt, but if the dirt becomes noticeable, change it to your favorite salt.

Place salt to create a clean atmosphere and invite good fortune.

Japanese cypress

【Size (cm)】
Daruma:H4.5 W4.7 D4.7
Plate:H1.5 W6.2 D6.2
Overall size:H5.3 W6.2 D6.2
※ One size


* The product is not waterproof, so be careful not to touch it with water. We are making it for the purpose of indoor use.
* As each item is made by hand, there may be slight differences in color and shape. Also, please note that the colored parts may be twisted.
* Depending on your device and viewing environment, the color and texture of the photo may look slightly different from the actual one.

・About Pile of salt.
Pile of salt means to put salt in a triangular shape on the front door or the edge of the room. Originally, it is said to have started from an old Chinese event, but it has long been a custom of amulets in Japan. Nowadays, it is generally placed in the sense of getting good feelings by keeping bad feelings such as evil spirits and amulets out of the house.

・About Daruma.
Daruma is decorated as a figurine that helps to make your wish come true. Daruma, who gets up even if he falls, is a symbol of how he stands up and works hard without giving up.

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