国産ひのき アロマウッド 影向の松


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【サイズ 約(cm)】
松のプレート:高さ8.3 幅8.8 奥行4
お皿:高さ1.1 幅5.6 奥行5.6
三宝:高さ4.5 幅7.8 奥行7.8
全体サイズ:高さ12.5 幅9.5 奥行7.8

【重量 約】


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      • Hiroshima ¥0
      • Yamaguchi ¥0
    • Shikoku

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      • Kagawa ¥0
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      • Kochi ¥0
    • Kyushu

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      • Okinawa ¥3,500

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Aroma wood made from domestic cypress wood. A cute silhouette inspired by the shadowy pine tree, which is over 500 years old and towers divinely.

Pine is said to be a symbol of prosperity such as longevity and health, and is one of the auspicious "lucky trees". And a collaboration with "Hinoki" lumber, which is said to contain gods. The main body is made of "Owase cypress" from Kishu, Mie prefecture, and the pedestal's three treasures are called "Kiso cypress".

Aroma wood, which does not use fire or electricity, does not have a scent diffusion effect, so it scents in a personal space rather than a strong scent that spreads throughout the room. Recommended for those who want to enjoy a gentle scent in their own space.

Add a few drops of your aroma oil (essential oil) or perfume and adjust the intensity of your favorite scent. Have a relaxing and relaxing time on your office desk or at your bedside.

Depending on the oil, it may be colored, but if you do not want to color it, please use it by dripping the oil on the back of the pine tree.

We will deliver it as a 3-piece set of pine-designed aroma wood, pottery plate, and "Sanpo". Decorate the pine plate with a small plate that comes with the pottery to prevent the oil from soaking in.

Pine aroma wood: Owase Hinoki
Pottery plate : Pottery
Sanpo: Kiso Hinoki

【size (cm)】
Pine plate: H8.3 W8.8 D4
Plate: H1.1 W5.6 D5.6
Sanpo: H4.5 W7.8 D7.8
Overall size: H12.5 W9.5 D7.8


* Aroma oil is not included.
* As each item is made by hand, there may be slight differences in color and shape.
* Depending on your device and viewing environment, the color and texture of the photo may look slightly different from the actual one.


・What is "Sanpo"?
A wooden bowl for carrying offerings. Larger ones with the same shape are used at shrines. Place the side with the seam of the tray toward you (worshiper side).

・About pine.
Pine is said to be a symbol of prosperity such as longevity and health, and is one of the auspicious "lucky trees". In Japan, you can see pine trees in various traditional places such as Noh theater, folding screens, and fusuma paintings.

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