お守り三社 神幕 足跡紋 棚板付き / お守り飾り


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お宮:岐阜県産 東濃檜
棚板:岐阜県産 東濃檜

【サイズ 約(cm)】
お宮外寸:高さ15.5 幅24 奥行7.2
お宮内寸:高さ12 幅5.5 奥行3
扉の入り口:幅5.5 高さ7.5

棚板外寸:高さ20 幅27 奥行13
棚板内寸:幅26 奥行11
お宮の手前のスペース:幅26 奥行4

【重量 約】


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It is a cute Kamidana with a beautiful Shinzenmaku that shines with the crest of Tomoe.

The palace has a very traditional shape of a Kamidana called "Sansha with different roofs" and is full of solemn atmosphere. You can put the amulets and omikuji that you received at the shrine. Please put your hands together with your thoughts and wishes.

The palace and shelf board are precisely made in the historic Kamidana workshop, and each one is assembled by hand. Shinzenmaku is made of the same muslin as the real shrine, so the texture is also dignified.

The shelf board has a cute cloud pattern and makes you imagine the world of the heavenly god. Very easy to mount on the wall. It can be installed immediately on the wall of gypsum board using the attached special parts and push pins. The shelves are assembled and delivered, so there is no difficult work.

The cypress wood used in the palace is domestically produced near the prefectural border between Gifu and Nagano prefectures. It is a brand of hinoki cypress called "Tono cypress" that is a material suitable for a high-quality white Kamidana. Feel free to set up a small but serious Kamidana.

palace:Tono cypress from Gifu Prefecture
shelf board:Tono cypress from Gifu Prefecture

【Size (cm)】
Outer dimensions of the palace:H15.5 W24 D7.2
Inner dimensions of the palace:H12 W5.5 D3
Door entrance:H 5.5 W7.5
* Open and close the central door of the palace to store amulets. The left and right doors will not open.

Outer dimensions of the shelf board:H20 W27 D13
Inner dimensions of the shelf board:W26 D11
front space of palace:W26 D4

【Weight 】

* The amulet shown in the image is not included.
* As each item is made by hand, there may be slight differences in color and shape.
* Depending on your device and viewing environment, the color and texture of the photo may look slightly different from the actual one.


・About Kamidana.
The Kamidana is the place where you can carefully display the "Ofuda" and "amulet" that you received from the shrine in your house. Shinto is a religion that has been around for a long time in Japan, and is a polytheistic religion that finds eight million gods in nature and various things around us. It is not always necessary to put ofuda or amulet in the Kamidana. You can use it as an interior or put your own important things in it.

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